We are all love, We are all one.

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I am love; you are love. You are loved; therefore, I am Loved.

Today I would like to simply fill your cup with love. There is no need to talk about all the craziness and stress this year has brought each of us because we already know. But instead, today, I want to give a tool that can settle your minds, hearts and refills your souls so that we can focus on coming out on the other side of all of this stronger, better, and more loving human beings.


Take this time to pause out of the madness,
and realign with your heart.

Here is what you are going to do:
Work on slowing your breath as you read this meditation all the way through before you try it. In and out. Deep belly breaths, below your belly button. In through your nose, and out through your mouth.

After you close your eyes, and as you focus on your breathing; We are going to do a full-body scan from the top of your head down to your toes and back. Wiggling and releasing any muscles that you may be holding any tension. Feel each spot release as the wave of light from your mental scanner goes over your body, slowing down and warming any place holding tension, helping it melt away.

Allow the light to start at the top of your head and scan down to your jaw, to your neck, down your chest and back, hips and bum and legs all the way down to your toes and back up again. Allow it to keep scanning over you until all the tension is gone and you feel as if you are floating on water. When you are finished with your scan and fully relaxed and open, it is time to begin.

Staying in your deep breathing, release everything that comes through your mind, and just focus on feeling your own heart beating through your body. Place your hands on your heart if you choose, or just dive deep within until you can focus on its deep vibration.

Breathe into it love, peace, forgiveness. Wash away any anger, frustration, or distrust inside because of recent or even past events. Shine that scanner light on it to remove any darkness within. Keep the light on it until it starts to glow and overflow with love from within.

Remove all the walls that distrusting eyes may have placed inside that may be preventing you from seeing things clearly or trusting the truth. It is time to fill your heart with so much love that it overflows those walls that are keeping you prisoner and flow up and over them, pushing them down completely to where they shatter and watch them get washed away.

Now, when your heart is overflowing, it’s time to imagine that you are standing on the earth. You can see to the ends of space, and looking down at the earth under your feet, you can see the rounded edges of each side of it in all it’s glory. It looks so peaceful from up here.

You look up, and beside you, you notice a line of people holding hands to your left and your right. You feel hands reaching for yours, and you reach back for them. The moment your hands unite, a rush of love comes over you, knocking down any and all walls left that were blocking you off.

This rush of love fills your heart and begins to overflow this warm radiant, glowing love, and it flows down your arms, into your hands, and then into the hands of those you were holding. You watch as it flows into them; you see the glow as it goes up and into their heart, overflowing through them and into the next person. You feel a continual overflow of love passing through each of you.

Soon, you feel the heart of the world flowing together, and you have such a peace about it all. You know even though we are all different, we are all the same. We are all love. We are all one.

Say this mantra to yourself and stay in this flow of love as long as you need to.

I am LOVE;
You are LOVE.
You are LOVED;
therefore, I am LOVED.

Repeat that Mantra or affirmation a few times until you feel all your broken pieces, broken ideas, broken mindset, broken relationships and broken hearts, come together as one. Then if you choose to go further, try this one.


I want you to know that I am there with you, beside you, holding your hand and overflowing my love into you. I hope this quick pause in life has blessed your heart as much as it has mine, as much as you have blessed mine. Let’s start refilling and refueling each other in love instead of everything that is not. Will you join me on this mission to heal the hearts of the world by first healing your own? A better world begins within each of us.

❤️ Angielee

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