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Who are we? Who do we tell ourselves we are? What we tell ourselves on the inside, is what others will see of us on the outside. What are we speaking into our minds, into our hearts, into our souls?

What we allow inside is what we allow outside.
What we give inside is what we give outside.

We allow others to treat us how we treat ourselves. If we live in self-love, gratitude, grace, honor, and have positive self-habits, then we will treat others in those same ways, and would never allow someone to speak ill of us, nor give them a reason to, because we will lead with love.  When we are a negative self-bully, and mean and cruel to ourselves, we will treat and be treated by others in the same manner.

What is inside is what shows outside.

We are a reflection of our hearts and minds, and what is going on inside of us.  We should stop telling ourselves that we are no good, ugly, fat, stupid, clumsy, ignorant, unlovable poor, inferior, a letdown, unwanted and all the other lies that we have told all these years. NO! We are not those things! Stop the inner avalanche! One bad thought leads to another and another.

If you keep telling yourself you are no good,
you may just start to believe you!

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Start telling ourself the truth!!!! STOP THE LIES! WE ARE…. Beautiful, kind, gracious, smart, caring, amazing, wise, important, free, strong, self-disciplined, royalty, attractive, healthy, one of a kind, confident, a masterpiece, vibrant, abundant, talented, loved, handpicked by God, full of potential, wealthy, loved by all, able, important, empowered, a giver, approved, successful, equipped, a seed of greatness, whole, and most of all WE ARE ENOUGH!

Self-Talk creates our Self-Walk

Do this one small exercise and It will change your life!
Grab two sheets of paper, Write all the negative things you tell yourself on the sheet. Lay them all out there. Everything. Now write “I am Not” at the top. Now on a separate sheet of paper, write the truth. At the top, write “I am” and write all the things you are. Put those papers on your mirror and read them every day when you’re brushing your teeth. Morning and night. Watch how your self-talk changes. Share them if you like, by sharing we give others courage to do it as well. Let’s shine our light and love all over the world <3

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