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When we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed we can simply change the words we say to ourselves.  If we don’t enjoy things we lose them. Think for a moment if it were all taken away. Does that scare you a little bit? God chose you to be the one to do the things you get to do, just as He chose me to help so the things He’s allowing me to do and it is an honor that He chose me to change the world in all the ways He allows me to! I GET TO! YOU GET TO! Imagine how sad we would be if He gave this opportunity to someone else? How horrible would that be! Simply by changing our mindset to “WE GET TO” shifts ALL the stress and overwhelm right off our shoulders.

Gratitude nullifies overwhelm.

If you are an entrepreneur like me, we know the hustle is real, it’s long hours, takes all your energy and bravery from within you can muster and it is working straight from the heart. Our overwhelm is HUGE and can take us completely down sometimes… If we allow it. We have to be self-starters, our own cheerleaders, and go-getters. We have to give it 200% at all times and work as if our lives depends on it, cause it does. We know that it’s only work hard for a little while and then momentum takes over and it’s beautiful! We get to do this hustle because we choose to live a life of building our dreams, and not someone else’s. It is a blessing that most never have the courage to take! We are the 4%. One thing entrepreneurship takes, that a job doesn’t, is major personal development, we have to work on ourselves as completely and thoroughly as our business, we are not an employee, we are the company, we are the brand, we have to become what we are needed to be to succeed, and very fast as well.  But, it’s the best part about it. If you ask the successful entrepreneurs if they had to choose to either give up the money they have made or the person they have become, they will always choose to give up the money. Because we can never go back to who we were before, and money can be remade. We soon learn how to self-sooth when times get tough. When we are stressed and uber busy we know we need to take a minute, a deep breath and say an affirmation to get us back on track. One hundred affirmations or one hundred times a day as needed! They really work. Try this one when you are feeling overwhelmed in your life, no matter what you’re doing.

“I am grateful for this abundant season in my life”

If you are an employee, you still need to take on this mentality. Even if it is a job you HATE. You GET to do this. Because there are people out there who have been let go, replaced, downsized or can’t find work and may be losing their homes or worse because of it. They would do anything to be able to GET to do what you are doing. By shifting this mentality you will surely change your work ethic, your work mode, and your work vibes. When you change into a “get to” employee, you begin to care about your company, and the company takes notice and you start moving up in it.

As your care goes up,
so does your income,
rank and success level.

I hope this encourages you today! I made some images to help remind you that You get to do this. Save the above image on your computer or tablet screen or use these images to save as your phone lock screen. Let it be a gentle reminder to say that to yourself until it becomes a true habit-  I made a couple, manly ones for the boys and sparkly ones for the girls.
Click to download full-size image.
Click to download full-size image.
Click to download full-size image.
How to save to lock screen: (just in case) Save Pic> open it> click the up arrow (left corner) scroll right on bottom menu, choose use as wallpaper> set> as lock screen- (not home screen) I’m guessing you have pic of something beautiful there. 😉
By setting it there, you will have just a 1-second reminder every time you pick up your phone that says I get to do this. This one simple thing will shift everything, our stress pushes abundance away, Lets do all we can to end it. Stress is a mindset choice. We must calm our spirit, calm our vibes so that we can attract good things to be successful 🙂
P.S. Saying “I Get to do this” with a good deep belly breath really helps relieve all the pressure in our chest that is created by being overwhelmed too! Enjoy! <3
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