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We GET to do this

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When we feel stressed and overwhelmed, we can simply change our thoughts and words from complaining and aggravation to gratitude.  If we don’t enjoy things, we lose them. If it is something you don’t mind losing, then it’s time to bless it and release it. Give it to someone it will bring joy to, and make room in your own life for a new form of joy, that you can be grateful for without trying.

Think for a moment of everything you are taking for granted was taken away. Would you miss it? Those things that you would miss does the thought of them being gone scare you a little bit? Then I would say that is a clear clue to start appreciating them as you should. Even thanking them for being in your life and thanking God for giving them to you.

God chose YOU to be the one to do the things you get to do, care for the things and people you get to, love, and be loved by those that are put in your life FOR you. Don’t take them for granted, or He might give them to someone who treats them better and appreciates them more.

He chose US to do this. He’s allowing US to do this.
And it is an honor that WE GET TO do this,
these things, share the world with these people.

WE GET TO change the world in all the ways He put us here, right where we are, with the people we are with, in the places that we are, with the things that we have (which, let’s be honest, are ALL blessings), to do the things we are meant to do to each be a part of being a light in the world and helping others out of their darkness!


Imagine if He gave all of these opportunities to do great things in the world to someone else? How horrible would that be? I would be shattered personally!!


Simply changing our mindset to “WE GET TO” shifts ALL the stress and overwhelm right off our shoulders.

Gratitude nullifies overwhelm.

If you are a goal-driven person or an entrepreneur like me, we know the hustle is real; it’s long days and short years. It takes all our energy and bravery from within that we can muster, and it is working straight from the heart and takes deep soul reflection and work to get anywhere. The overwhelm of doing it all on our own and figuring it all out is HUGE and can shut us completely down sometimes… If we allow it.
We must be self-starters, self-cheerleaders, and go-getters.
We have to give 200% of ourselves at all times and work as if our livelihood depends on it because it does. Working really hard for a little while creates the momentum that takes over later, and that is when it all becomes beautiful and worth it! We GET to hustle because we choose to live a life of building our dreams and not someone else’s. It is a blessing that most never have the courage to fully take on without giving up and going back to our old default “safe” zones and giving up on our dreams to further someone else’s and allow our souls to die a little inside!
We are the 4%.
The reason entrepreneurship is hard is that it takes 100% responsibility and massive personal development.  We have to work on ourselves as completely and thoroughly as our business. Our business will only grow to the capacity that we grow ourselves. There is no blame in true entrepreneurship, only lessons and failing forward until we get it right.
We are not employees; we ARE the company, we ARE the brand, we HAVE TO BECOME what we need to be, to be successful, and it seems to take forever to get off the ground, but when it does, we fly, very fast too.  But, it’s the best part about it, it’s always exciting, and we and our businesses are ever-growing, learning, and pivoting. We evolve with it as we go.
We learn how to self-soothe when times get tough. We learn the importance of self-care, which is the most important when we are super stressed and uber busy. You can’t go far without putting gas in the tank; self-care is that fuel that keeps us going.  We know we need to take a minute, a day, a week, and reset. We know the importance of deep breathing and affirmations to reset and refocus. One hundred affirmations or one, one hundred times a day is needed! They really do work. Try this one when you are feeling overwhelmed in your life, no matter what you’re doing.

“I am grateful for this abundant season in my life”

If you ask successful entrepreneurs if they had to choose between giving up the money they have made or the person they have become, they will always choose to give up the money. Why? Because we can never go back to the WHO we were before, and can always remake the money.

A butterfly will never fit back into the caccoon.

If you can go back and still fit in your old life, then you never grew. Ouch. 
If you are an employee, the moment you take on the “I GET TO DO THIS” mentality, even if you HATE the job, your life will change. When you appreciate it, the boss sees, and you move up the ladder to a job you will enjoy, which is generally always one that gives back because that is what creates fulfillment.
You GET to do this.
There are people out there who are praying for what you have. People who have been let go, replaced, downsized, or can’t find work and can’t feed their families, losing their homes or worse because of it. They would do anything to be able to GET to do what you are doing.
By shifting this mentality, you will surely change your work ethic, work mode, and work vibes. When you change into a “get to” employee, you begin to care about your company, and the company takes notice, and you start moving up in it.

As your care goes up,
so does your income,
rank and success level.

So what are you taking for granted in your life today that others are begging for, praying for, working so hard to get? Is it people, places, things? Start saying thank you. Appreciate every aspect of it.
At a meal, say thank you to those who prepared it, pray a blessing for those who created it, grew it, planted it, watered it, packaged it. Thank the sun, rain, stars for caring for it to get right here where it is. Thank those who thought of it, designed the packages, worked at the factories, warehouses, the truck drivers who delivered it to the stores, the people who placed it on the shelf, the check-out person who allowed you to buy it, the person who made your car to go pick it up and bring it home. Thank the Job that provided you with the money to buy it. Thank it all. There are endless things to be grateful for.  Start there.

Gratitude brings more joy, love, peace, and happiness into our lives, which attracts more beautiful things to be grateful for.

I hope this encourages you today! I made some images to help remind you that You get to do this. Save the images below on your phone’s lock screen. Let it be a gentle reminder to say that to yourself until it becomes a true habit-  I made a couple, manly ones for the boys and sparkly ones for the girls.
Click to download a full-size image.
Click to download a full-size image.
Click to download a full-size image.
How to save to lock screen: (just in case) Save Pic> open it> click the up arrow (left corner) scroll right on the bottom menu, choose use as wallpaper> set> as lock screen- (not the home screen) I’m guessing you have a pic of something beautiful there. 😉
By setting it there, you will have just a 1-second reminder every time you pick up your phone that says I get to do this. This one simple thing will shift everything; our stress pushes abundance away; let’s do all we can to end it. Stress is a mindset choice. We must calm our spirit, calm our vibes so that we can attract good things to be successful 🙂
P.S. Saying “I Get to do this” in gratitude with a good deep belly breath really helps relieve all the pressure in our chest created by being stuck in overwhelm, too! Enjoy! <3
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