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What angers you owns you.

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Whatever angers you owns you.

We choose how we feel about things, and at first, this is a foreign concept to most people. But we do.

We choose what stories we attach to things, situations, people, moments, and experiences in life. We choose the memory, feeling, and effect they hold for us. We choose to keep old feelings or create new ones to attach to them.

Most of the time, we choose beforehand what attitude we bring to situations, moments, and people. We prejudge a situation or person, and then we act accordingly. We choose in every situation to love or not. To be angry, defensive, and overly sensitive, reading more into everything they say, assuming they mean much more than they are saying, and then reacting accordingly.

We tend to let a lousy moment grow into a bad day, week, or year. Or we can choose a different story around it.

When we choose a better story, we win.

If someone has hurt us, we tend to focus on how they made us feel in one tiny moment and yet relive that one minute in time for hours on end, re-living, re-punishing, re-choosing that feeling/story/memory. Instead of changing the story. What if everyone changed their thinking into something more like…

“How can we choose Love in this moment?”

Pick a moment that bothered you; maybe someone said or did something very snarky to you today. Close your eyes, review it from every angle, and see how you can send this moment of love, compassion, and understanding.

Question yourself.

Why did that person or moment bother me? Was I already upset beforehand? Why?

Was I having a bad day? Why?

Does everything about that person bother me? Why?

How many ways could I have misunderstood this situation? (The answer is tons- list them out.)

How many ways can I find and choose love in the situation? (The answer is also tons- list them out.)

How could I or can I do my best to change the situation?

Many of us tend to act in reaction, not action. We tend to assume people feel specific ways about us and then act on that assumption.

Imagine how differently you would act if you thought someone hated you. You would also assume they think or say bad things about you as well. So, in their presence, you are going to act according to your assumptions, and automatically, you will show up defensively with the idea of showing them just how “bad” you are. Mean, cold-shoulder, rude, attitude, doing whatever you can conscience or sub-consciously to make them “hate” you just so that you can be “right?”

My darling, you’re creating your own outcome.

Now imagine how you would act around them if you assumed they adored you. If you overheard them say something so nice about you to someone else. How would you behave differently towards them? You would stand taller, smile more, feel more comfortable, less judged. You would let your guard down and make yourself a new friend.

What if you heard them defending you, taking the blame for you, honoring you? How would that change how you feel, treat, or behave around them? You would feel safe and loved around them and be protective towards them to pay them back for having your back.

If it is all made up in our minds anyway, can’t we choose a better story? One filled with love, fun, joy, peace, and happiness?


What if instead of going around assuming people think the worst of you, you assumed everyone thought the best of you, adored you and always had your back? Think of how freeing that is. Choose that!

Believe the best, forgive the rest.

Walking around as if we have a kick-me sticker dunce hat on, assuming everyone is crappy, out to hurt us or take us for granted, is exhausting. Assume everyone loves you! And they will if you just love yourself. Show yourself the grace and mercy you deserve, and show others the same. Assume everyone is walking around doing the best they can just as you are, and love them.

Let no negative thoughts fill your mind about yourself or anyone else! Be impeccable with your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Let the self-judging and self-bullying end, and give yourself a big, forgiving hug instead.

Don’t get angry with yourself or anyone else. Free yourself from assumptions, and you will free yourself from assuming judgments of others, causing you to react untrue and inauthentic in every situation, which causes distrust, anger, and frustration for all.

Anger is a poison in your lifeline and has no place in your heart, mind, body, or soul. Be free of it. Be allergic to it. Guard your heart from it, forever and almost always…. Anger does have its place, but that is another talk for another day.

What are some stories of inner or outer anger you hold onto that you can change? Let us know in the comments! ❤️❤️

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    It’s great to see such perspective and positivity in today’s world. Good to know there are those out there looking to heal scars as opposed to creating new ones. Glad I came across ya in clash princess peach!

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