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When was the last time we took the time to stop, and think? No distractions, no cell phones, no tablets, no tv, no background noise? Thinking is one of the greatest gifts we were given! Thinking is more than just letting your mind wonder, but to give it a subject to wonder upon.

Most of us just go through life just… surviving. Going through the motions, merely existing, going through our day to day on auto-pilot, a real life walking dead member… but less smelly… hopefully…haha!

Did you know that if we were to ask 100 people “What do they want in life?” do you know that 75% of people would reply that they “HAVE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT!” GASP! How can you NOT think about it? Gahhh, it’s all I think about! Well, I call BS… They have thought about it and they have tucked it away thinking that it doesn’t matter, that they don’t matter, and their dreams don’t matter. The sad truth is, we have given up on our dreams because we didn’t think we were worth them.

Self-worth, or lack of, is either the fuel or killer of all dreams.

#Truth- EVERYONE IS WORTH IT! You are, I am, We are! Our world needs us to step up for ourselves and become what we were meant to be. To fulfill our purposes in life! The ones that make the world a better place! Put that cape on baby! We got a world to save.

“A better world begins within each of us!” ~BetterMeTribe

We are worth our happiness. We each have purposes to fulfill, and is where true happiness begins! Our purposes are laid on our hearts before we are even born. Give yourself time to find it.

Listen to your desires, they are pulling you towards your purposes. It’s a long and beautiful journey with many purposes to be fulfilled, many lessons to be learned, many blessings to be shared, and so very much love to give and receive!

If you like art, follow it. If you like music, follow it. If you like cooking, serving, helping others, giving, loving, singing, dancing, inspiring, caring, painting, building, traveling, whatever it is.. FOLLOW IT.

Sit. Think. Breathe. Pray. Reflect.
Then and only then you will see growth.

Stop and think DAILY… about what you want. Picture it happening in your mind for at least 5 minutes every single day. Starting your day like this every day will change your life in the most unbelievable ways. Try it for 30 days… you will see!

Give your mind some freedom to wonder.
Oh, the amazing things you will find in there!

Try this today. Turn everything off for a minimum of five or ten minutes- the longer the better! Find a quiet place to sit, go sit in the back seat of the car, or in the closet, or in the bathtub if you have to!

Close your eyes, and picture what your perfect life will ideally look like in say, five years. Breathe in and out deep, fill your brain and body with oxygen. Let your mind flow, no restricting it.

Envision your family five years from now, your kids how old will they be, are they missing teeth, graduating school or getting married? Where they will be, what they will look like, what their lives will be like? You are so proud of them I’m sure! Picture your own life. How will you look, feel, where you will be, what you will be doing, How you feel on the inside? Picture yourself at the happiest place inside that you can possibly imagine.

Will you be in a wildly romantic relationship? Will you be somewhere new? Maybe, a new job, what, and where? A new home, picture its contents, where will it be, what views will it have out the windows? Will you be living a new life? Will you be helping others, how, where, why? How does helping them make you feel?

Imagine the smiles on their faces, the love in their hearts,
the gratitude and appreciation helping others gives us.

Will you be traveling? If so, where? Allow your mind to vision you walking through the streets of places you want to visit, shopping in the stores, meeting the locals, falling in love with the beauty of the cultures. Imagine the weather, the smells, the wind blowing your hair, the sun on your face. Imagine the whole trip, flying to foreign lands, swimming in majestic seas. How do these places make you feel? Will you be on this adventure alone for self-discovery? or will you be taking others with you? Imagine who is with you? How does their presence make you feel?

Feel their love, see their smiles, the light in their eyes
and in your own as you discover new things.

How did that feel?

Tomorrow do it again, except…. Pick one of the topics you dreamed of and go deeper into it. Allow your mind to fully transpire through each topic you wish to come true in your life, beginning to end.

Set your brain free. Quit clogging it all the time with distractions.

We would love to hear all that you saw! Please share in the comments below! <3

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