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Who are you?

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What and where we are, is not as important as who we are.

Oh, that Abundant life… It is promised to us and awaits us all.  We need only to get up and take it, to stop procrastinating, delaying, or not believing we are worth it. Why is it that we procrastinate following our dreams? What holds us back? Is it us or others? Is it circumstances or excuses? Do we take control of our lives to fulfill our purposes set out for us from before we were born? Are we living in denial? Do we feel others have purposes and we do not? We all do. Let’s get to figuring out what is blocking you.

Excuse #1 – Money: I will tell you for sure, that it is not circumstances that stop us from following our dreams… It is our minds, it is our lack of faith, lack of belief and lack of trust in ourselves or that there is something far greater we are supposed to be doing than what we are doing now.

Do we not feel like we can make money following our dreams to support ourselves and our family? Why not? Why not bless others with our talents and gifts?  Why is it that we are trained to think that only bad people doing bad things can make abundant money? I think it’s an excuse, possibly jealousy. Abundance is there for all of us. I know so many good people who do GREAT things with the blessings in their lives to bless others. They are able to bless people BEYOND measure- far beyond what I can do right now, but my entire goal is to help others. I know now that….

To be a better serve others, to be a better giver We must have things to give,
To be a better helper, we must put ourselves in a better position to help.
But our hearts in it all is what matters the most.

Why are we telling ourselves it’s wrong to make money doing good things, or helping others? I have had the same struggle all my life. But it all changed when I realized I was going about it backward!

To be able to help others from my overflow,
than from my empty cup,
has been the biggest blessing of my life.

When we do good things we are blessed with good things, and we are able to bless others with good things too! This is how abundant life is achieved. It’s not just money that creates an abundant life. It’s blessings, it’s true happiness, a humble sense of pride in doing good things for others, the all over peace it gives, the joy that no money can buy, that is only achieved by helping others and blessing them. It is in the character that is built inside of us that could not happen working for someone else dreams like it can working on our own, fulfilling our purpose! There is a deeper sense of accomplishment when you overcome a battle for our own dreams than there is just having a hard day at work.

Working on someone else’s dreams
is never as fulfilling as working on our own.

How many more people can we help if we are financially stable?

Good people with good money do Great things!

So… Who are you?
Do you even know? Who are you supposed to be? Who do others say that you are? Is it different than who you feel that you are, on the inside? Do people see you differently than you think they do? Ask them to describe you. What and WHO are we representing ourselves as? Are we different people when we are around different people? Is it our true self? Are we always putting on a show is that true to who we are?

The more we become our true selves, the more “same” we act under all circumstances, around all people, and the more comfortable we become in all things. No one likes a fake or a fraud. No one likes to be lied to. Are we lying to ourselves about who we are? Are we hiding our true potential? From who? Why do we hide our true selves from others? If we get people to like us on a false basis, does that really do anyone any good? I think not.

You be you and I’ll be me.

Our circumstances are not what limits us, our mind is. Change your Mindset, Change your world. 

We must ask ourselves these questions… Really dig deep… and even more importantly answer them honestly,

What is it that I am supposed to be doing?
Who am I supposed to be becoming?
Why am I holding back my true potential?

We have to but on our superhero cape and choose to be brave. Choose to take the leap, Our purpose, our dreams, our callings are each laid on our hearts individually. No two are the same. For some of us, there is a limited belief in our hearts that we don’t “deserve” good things, let alone GREAT THINGS. That is a lie, that is an excuse. We all deserve to be better, to do better, to become natural in our own skin, to grow into our own shoes.

Do we deserve Great things?

Yes and No.


No… We don’t deserve to be free when so many are not, freedom is never free, it costs lives, it costs bravery it is lost by one-half the world and taken for granted on the other half.…

YES!  We shouldn’t take our freedom for granted and squander it away and waste it. It should fuel us to become everything we are meant to be… BECAUSE others can’t, BECAUSE others don’t get the chance to, BECAUSE WE CAN.


No… We don’t deserve to eat when so many are starving, let alone choose bad foods that poison our body or be wasteful taking food for granted. Throwing it away, being picky eaters, or food snobs. When others would live another day from our crumbs we drop in our lap.

But, YES… Yes, We do Deserve feed our body nutrients to fuel a successful life. We do deserve to get out there and help feed the world, whether it be mental food, spiritual food, soul food or healthy food, or all of the above. We CAN ALL and SHOULD ALL be doing something to feed others, and to feed them well! Junk food never helped a single person. ever.


No… We don’t deserve forgiveness. We all have hurt someone or done something dumb that affected more people than we know. Nothing we ever do only affects us. From the time we were babies we have done rotten things to others. The older we get, the more it hurts.

But, YES, we do deserve to give it freely to others. We do deserve to have and give second chances, but we also deserve to love ourselves enough to walk away from those who hurt us over and over, and we deserve to love ourselves enough to do it without harboring hate in our hearts, instead forgive them and don’t force relationships with those who are not meant to be in your life anymore- not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever- it would be way crowded if so!

Set them free to set you free and make way for better people in your life, ones who lift you up, who see you for you, who love you for you. YES, they are out there. Yes, they are looking for you as well. Find your tribe or make one.

Become what you need to become
to be what and who you are meant to be

But first, you have to figure out who and what that is. I would love to hear about it. Maybe I can help encourage you! Leave a comment or Drop me a line at angie@bettermetribe.com

Until next time.

Be You and Be Awesome!

<3 Angie

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