Work it Out Wednesday- Week 4

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WORK IT OUT WEDNESDAY- Ahhhh my favorite!!! Stretching and Clearing!

TODAYS MOTIVATION:  Are you confused about your life? Not sure which way to go? Well it’s probably because you have allowed too many people in the driver’s seat of your life. Put them in a passenger seat and take back the wheel. They are meant to support you, not to drive.

 Stop letting others drive your life….
They have their own life to drive, and if they’re driving yours, they are not driving their own. You are meant to be the only driver of your life.
You are made to be on the road God made specifically for you.
They are meant for the road God made for them.

We HAVE to stop letting everyone else drive our lives! Imagine driving a bus and everyone in your circle of people (your tribe) was trying to drive, AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Everyone grabbing the steering wheel, turning left turning right! “You should do this, do that, go back to school, you should lose weight, you should stop dreaming and get a 3rd job, you should… you should… you should… etc” How long til your wrecked? Not long I imagine!

Take back the wheel from people who are trying to drive your life on their paths, Your Life doesn’t fit in their path, theirs does.  No wonder it is so uncomfortable! 

Everyone is so quick to tell you what you “should” be doing… But pay attention… Are they actually doing it? Is this them projecting what they know they should be doing? Are they trying to live vicariously through you? Are they trying to make you take their path? Are they successful in the area they’re “preaching” to you about?

If they are successful in the area you want to be successful in then ABSOLUTELY listen to their advice. If they are not… Don’t… Simple as that. Their advice may be more for them than you. 

It proves they know what they should be doing and maybe aren’t brave enough or believe in themselves enough to spread their own wings and fly. You should send them here and maybe I can help inspire them. You wouldn’t listen to a poor man on how to get rich, if he really knew how, he would be doing it! Don’t listen to a negative and unhappy person on how to get happier, nor an unhealthy person on how to be healthier. Or listen to someone who is trying to make you follow their dreams instead of your own.

Thank them for their advice, maybe you can find your own truth in it that does apply to you. And of course you can always ask them where this has applied in their life and help encourage them to take their own advice, in a loving and caring way of course. People who have not followed their path are longing and unsatisfied, they already know that and it may be a sore spot. We need to maybe reignite the spark inside of them that will help them get back up and start pursuing their path again. It all starts with one step, then another, left foot, right foot.

You have to almost get mad at being unsuccessful in whatever areas you want to change it. Use that anger to make those changes. You can not blame your success OR unsuccessfulness on anyone but you! Get that fire roaring! We all have our driver inside of each of us- we just have to get sick and tired of letting others drive our lives down the wrong paths and wrecking it!! One driver at a time please and make sure it’s you!

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