BetterMeTribe Workouts are not JUST for the body, they are for the mind as well, encouraging you all the way to become the best version of yourself possible. Including examining your head, your heart, your relationships & your life.


Each work out comes with a Motivational exercise as well as a body workout. Fitness or any lifestyle choice begins in the heart, moves to the head then reflects on the outside by our actions…. or lack of… Choices begin as thoughts. Are your thoughts creating good choices or bad ones?

[rescue_animate type=”fadeInRight” duration=”4s” delay=”3s” iteration=”1″]Every action is a Choice,
we either plan to take action
or live in reaction.[/rescue_animate]

Let that sink in for a minute. Take 100% responsibility of your choices. That one thought could change your whole world in a positive or negative way. Lets CHOOSE positive, Lets CHOOSE thoughts and actions that serve our goals, that take us towards our goals. When you come to a fork in the road that makes you ponder, should I ? Ask yourself this one question, “Does this __________  serve my goals?”  Fill in the blank with whatever is needed to help you choose. Does this… Thought, Choice, Food, Behavior, Action, Relationship, etc… Serve my goals? If the answer is no… well I guess you have your answer then huh!

[rescue_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”4s” delay=”7s” iteration=”1″]All actions begin with a choice,
All choices begin with a thought.
Choose your thoughts wisely,
for they become your choices.[/rescue_animate]

We must first define your goals, write them down,  put them in places to remind you, on the mirror, on the fridge, on your computer, reminder on your phone, screen saver, post-its galore. Ask a friend to join you on this journey, to either do it with you, be someone who you can call when your feeling weak, or help you in whatever way they can. What ever it takes to get you there.  Set your intentions and start some actions. Let’s get your head, heart and body on the same page, shall we?

[rescue_animate type=”slideInRight” duration=”4s” delay=”11s” iteration=”1″]The choices we make on the inside now are reflected on the outside, later.[/rescue_animate]

Ready to become even more amazing just 30 days?  Lets Do this! We wanted to give you all the workouts in one page so you do not have to weed through all the posts.  ALL the amazing content is right heres you don’t get distracted. Heres to your next 30 days of becoming a better you. Welcome to the Tribe!


[rescue_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”4s” delay=”15s” iteration=”1″]Todays choices create next months body.
Decide. Commit. Succeed.[/rescue_animate]



in advance and good Luck on your mission to a Better You!
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