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What are you doing in your life right now, this very minute? Is it enhancing or postponing your dreams? Are you working on your dream, fulfilling your purpose, or working on someone else’s dreams, in someone else’s purpose? Is this what you wanted to do when you grew up? Is your life where you thought it would be by now? If so, Awesome. If not, what can you do to start shifting your time, energy, and efforts to be working on your own dreams instead of someone else’s?

For my birthday one December, I gave myself a year of me; and what an amazing year it was!

I used this year to start pouring good things into my heart. I found some great books to read. I started listening to empowering podcasts; I began filling my life with better people, hanging out in better places, and doing better, more empowering things. I learned some positive meditations, took up yoga, running, weight training, went to conferences, joined positive groups, took positive and empowering courses… basically any and all positive things I could do – I did it!. Through all of this personal development, I learned and decided what I wanted. 

I wanted to help others. I wanted to INSPIRE others. I wanted to somehow share my heart with the world. I wanted to travel the world, helping others. 

And so it began. 

I started working on my dreams in the tiny pockets of my life, in between my four –yes, four, full-time jobs!

I started designing little positive quote tiles on my breaks with my cellphone. I started teaching others the amazing things I was learning, and I started searching for mentors, meeting with them between jobs. 

I started asking questions to everyone who would answer and share my newfound knowledge with anyone who would listen. There were so many people needing help with the same things I was, so I started writing my thoughts to share with more people at one time. 

Almost everyone needed love and worth of some sort. So… I started this blog, BetterMeTribe. I started helping and speaking to people in large groups. I started my first book! I started to travel the world on mission trips. I talked to people about my mission dreams, and they wanted to come too, so I started building teams to go. That first team left that next January to Kenya- just one year after my year of me! The point is. I started something different, and everything changed. What I was doing in life wasn’t working. I was burned out, exhausted; my soul’s cup was bone dry empty. Tumbleweeds blew around in my heart. I was poke-me-with-a-fork done. 

But first, I had to heal my cup from within. I had to stop doing all the things that poked a hole in it and drained me dry again. I had to stop hanging around soul-draining people. I had to stop visiting places that didn’t bring me joy. Stop working jobs with abusive bosses; stop hanging around negative gossipping friends. 

I filled my soul’s cup until it was overflowing, and that is when the magic happened. 

I was able to start living my dreams; I was able to actually help people and not rob peter to feed paul. I was giving in my overflow. Within the year, I was able to replace three of my four jobs with two passion businesses. And within a year and a half, I was able to release the last one. 

To do anything amazing in life, you need only to start!

The most incredible journey of our lives awaits all of us! Every step we all take is either a step towards our dreams or a step away. There is no standing still here. 

If you’re not moving towards your dreams, you are moving away. Just take the steps- one step at a time! With every step towards our dreams, we will be learning the lessons we need to help others. Our purposes are so much bigger than we are! And they are so much bigger than being chained to a desk, stocking a shelf, cleaning a toilet, or working ourselves to death at any and all jobs we can find just to make ends meet! Jobs are for people who settle. 

As the old saying goes, JOB stands for Just Over Broke. Does that sound familiar? 

Careers are for people who live their lives for a cause- Just make sure that cause aligns with your calling, and you will find so much happiness there. 

But, Passions are for fulfilling our purposes, chasing our dreams, and changing the world. Our life’s mission is to passionately help and serve; The ones beside you and others worldwide. Everyone will feel the impact you make. Maybe you know you are supposed to help others, but you just didn’t know how yet. 

Everyone’s purpose is helping others… we need only to figure out how.

We must figure out what our SOUL is crying out to do! A seed of light has been planted in there- Start doing things that help it grow. We must change what we are doing that no longer works for us into things that do. Give ourselves time to stop, think, listen, hear, FEEL. Learn from it. Yearn for it. Then, start feeding it, so it can grow and get brighter and brighter until it’s light is shining out from inside of us. Keep going until it wakes us up early every day in excitement and keeps us up late at night, striving to serve others to fulfill our purpose! Until nothing else matters!

There is no better feeling on this entire planet than the one where we are fulfilling our soul’s purpose!

So, what is your dream? What do you need to do to figure it out? I highly suggest you start reading, yes, actual books. Start talking gratitude walks. Listen to positive podcasts. Take a yoga class, learn meditations. Find some guided meditations that feel right for you. Some are great; some are a little wacky. Find the empowering ones or even the ones that teach you to quiet your mind and control and organize your thoughts so that you can think clearly. Just do whatever it takes to fill your cup; To fuel your fire. 

We don’t have to know everything right now, and we won’t see it clearly until we get there and look back. Picture it like our dreams are on the other side of a thick fog, and every step we take out into faith, into the fog, we can see things clearer and clearer. Every step, action, thought, prayer, movement, puts us in the directions of our dreams, and gets us that much closer!

We should work on our dreams with every spare moment we get- turn off the TV and get busy! Our passions become bigger and bigger with the time we put into them, allowing them to grow. 

Maybe we need to switch our mundane job for one that aligns with our dreams, one that teaches the skills, the trades, the lingo that will help us get to our dreams and ROCK THEM. There is often some lesson we need to learn before we can take that next step towards our dreams, a challenge we need to pass like in video games. Learn it, take it, use it, so you don’t have to repeat it!

Our dreams don’t come for us, but they do wait for us patiently, to be ready for them. What is it that your soul is crying out to be doing right now and forever? Figure it out and GO FOR IT. <3

What you seek is also seeking you. ~Rumi


Are you ready to give yourself a year of you? Let me know, and I will send you a set of Better Me Quote cards from our shop to help you get started. <3

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