Yoga & Affirmations-Week 1

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Work It out WednesdayWORK IT OUT WEDNESDAY! Finally a day for stretching and reflecting. Not just for your muscles but for your mind and heart too. Go through the poses and hold each stretch as long as you want or need to according to your soreness and time limits. We suggest going a whole round slowly to relax and get into deep stretching. Then do a couple rounds fast so that you can get a little cardio benefit out of it and then cool off with a slow round.  Your body and soul will thank you for it.  Enjoy every move. Every breath.

Don’t forget to breathe, Try breathing for 4 counts in and 4 counts out. extending your breaths as time goes on and sending oxygen down into the muscles that you are working. Breathe through the poses. With each long exhale let your worries, stresses, and tensions go. Imagine blowing them out with every breath and with every inhale bring in positive thoughts, feelings, NEW energy, NEW life and NEW affirmations into your body, mind, and soul. Repeat the positive affirmations with every movement, every breath. Keep saying them all day and every day until you believe them until they are part of who you are. 

WHAT ARE AFFIRMATIONS? They are simply motivational and encouraging sentences or sayings you flood your system with so that all the negative things inside are pushed out, and replaced by them leaving no room for negativity…  whether it be from your own self, negative things you repeat inside that others have said, or negative ways someone made you feel. Replace them with POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirmations can be found in scripture, songs, quotes, or by taking the negative things that are already bouncing around in your head and changing them to the exact opposite. Learning positive affirmations has truly changed my life. Most of the ones I repeat are scripture, as I am a deeply spiritual person. Some of the ones I repeat are for me and things I have been through, or opposites of what I’ve been told. But most of them are my I am’s.


The words we say after “I am” make or break us.


One well-known affirmation is from the movie ‘The Help, “You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important.”  Some of my favorites are, “I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” “I am a beautiful and perfect work in progress,” and “I am powerful, I am loved, I am perfect, I am enough.”


I have a friend whose positive affirmation is “I’m bringing sexy back!” and it’s definitely working for her. She uses it for food choices, exercise and a reason to go to bed or get up early. The point is to find Affirmations that work for you. Something that makes you take life by the horns! #PositiveAffirmations #30DayChallenge#BetterMeTribe


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