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You vs You- Who will win?

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If you have been following the posts we have written, which is pretty much a picture of our journey, then you know by now, that You are, WE ARE, our only Competition. Through this journey we have discovered that the paths of life are never a straight ones, and that there are many, many paths that take us wherever we need to go. You just have to choose the best route for you.  Some maybe harder than others, some short cuts may work and others end up being dead ends, that make us have turn around to go back a bit before we can to go forward. Along the way we will hit pot holes, we will have flat tires, we will have to climb steep hills and navigate some scary cliffs. We will be on winding crazy roads, and may even have to just hit the gas and jump in faith into the unknown. One thing I know, is that it is exciting, it is scary, BUT IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT.

Life is not a race to the finish line, and it’s not just about the journey,
it is about being present, looking out the windows
slowing down when you need to, to enjoy the scenery.
It’s about finding the lessons, hanging on for the ups and downs,
weathering the storms as well as enjoying the beautiful days.
It’s about being there to see the sunrises and the sunsets.
It’s about YOU being your own drivers seat.
It’s about YOU grabbing YOUR steering wheel.
and going towards your goals, WITHOUT FAIL.
It’s about learning from the lessons,
learning when to go left or right, slow or fast,
and choosing the best possible paths for you.
Even if it means taking a slight seemingly detour.


We HAVE TO BE 100% responsible for our lives. We have to accept the responsibility that today is the sum of choices we have made. Good and bad, some choices have pushed us forward, some have held us back, others distracted us or derailed us away from our goals and dreams. We have learned some steps to  help us identify our why, because with our why comes our drive. We have learned how important setting goals and making little shifts are, to make big changes for the future. We have learned several ways to collect our thoughts, to get our goals out of our heads and on to paper so that they become alive. We have learned some exercises to work our mind muscles, to recognize, forgive and change or redirect our thoughts, if they do not serve our goals.  We have learned to remove toxic things, behaviors and toxic people from our lives, that we have to love and release them so that they can be a blessing to someone else instead of being a curse to us. These little shifts, if done consistently will change your life in the most beautiful amazing ways. I know this  because they have been changing mine, and I’m sure yours as well if you have been traveling with us on this journey.

Here is a recap of some of these amazing lessons,  incase you’re new or want a refresher 🙂



Identify Your Why

Identify Your Why

Who do you work for?

Who Do You Work For?

Why you NEED to Dream.

Why you NEED to Dream


Get to Work :)
Get to Work 🙂

Easy Tiger!
Easy Tiger!

Inside out.
Inside out.

Go Get'm Tiger
Go Get’m Tiger

Fly Baby Fly
Fly Baby Fly!

Challenge Accepted
Challenge Accepted!

Take time to Reflect
Take time to Reflect

Who are you NOT to be...
Who are you NOT to be…



Way’s- (Next Steps)

Shine ON!
Shine ON!


Change your View
Change your View

To Do it, You have to DO IT.
To Do it, You have to DO IT.

Leave the old you behind
Leave the old you behind

Be the Anti-Funk
Be the Anti-Funk

Find a Way
Find a Way

Love your Life
Love your Life

Lead others to do same
Lead others to do same

Now that you’re all caught up, Lets move forward!

We all have good days and bad days… Be ok and grateful in them all.

We have learned how to redirect a bad thought, action, mood or behavior, into better ones.

We have learned HOW to not to let 5 bad minutes ruin the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day. How to not project one bad thing into a hundred others, poisoning them.

Goal is to not let one snowball, cause an Avalanche.

Maybe you’re one of those people has a fear when things are going good, and start looking for something to go wrong, and guess what it does.  We’re you right all along or did you attract the negative or create it. What you look for you surely will find.  Creating bad things or allowing bad things to spread and take over good things, that is called self-sabotaging.  Just allow things to go good, to be good! Celebrate them! Don’t ruin them because you’re so used to things messing up, and don’t ruin them so that you have a story to tell.  Don’t be a self-sabatoger. Be a self-celebrator! 

sabotage: |ˈsabəˌtäZHverb [ with obj. ] to deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially to create an expected outcome

Everyone knows someone who will always sabotage their happiness. But are you that guy? Are you a person who sabotages your own happiness? Everyone would like to think that they are not.  But, chances are, you are… we all are to a certain extent. Identifying it and recognizing it is the only way to change it.

You can’t change anything that you are unwilling to recognize. 

What are you holding yourself back from? Why? What is the real source of our self-sabotage in the first place? Fear of the unknown? Do you let the fear of”what if something bad happens” keep you from giving your all? What if you change your thinking to “What if something amazing happens” instead? They are both equally unknown, but also equally controllable outcomes. Choose which you want it to be! Let’s peel back some layers. Why are you tripping yourself up? Is it because you don’t think you will have anything left to talk about when things start going right? What if you started today to only speak of positive things? If you changed your story into a positive one, people are much more willing to listen, No one likes a downer, why do we like to share those stories anyways Is it for pity or to justify our failures? Place blame? Is it to gain the sympathy of others? Are there underlying issue going on or maybe it is just mindless bad habits that you do, simply because that is the way you have always done them? Start asking yourself some hard questions. Is this behavior, excuse, story or habit serving my goals? Is this a positive story I’m about to tell, or does it make me look bad, or incompetent. If you were trying to impress someone, a boss or a good looking date, would you still be telling it?  Change all the No’s to Yes’s.

Let’s take a moment to really evaluate our behaviors. See how many of these self-sabotagors apply to you. 

Procrastination • Setting to high of expectations, on yourself or others • Destroying Relationships• Any kind of self-hate
Staying up to late- knowing it’s going to ruin tomorrow • Jealousy • Putting yourself last • Having low self-esteem
Comfort or binge eating • Talking your self down to others • Insulting yourself on the inside • Depression • Comparison to others
Not believing in yourself • Excuses • Blame • Complaining • Never feeling good enough • Not feeling Smart enough
Not feeling worthy of a better life. Not Trusting others • Not having Faith • Setting unrealistic Goals • Lying
Setting To-Do list so big that a small army couldn’t get done in a day, let alone you. • Setting yourself up to fail
Not going for the promotion at work • Not asking for a raise • Not standing up for yourself if someone is treating you bad
Dwelling on coulda, shoulda, woulda, beens instead of going for it • Being afraid of what if’s • Hiding your feelings
Always starting your new life habit “tomorrow” • Any fear at all • Lack of Faith

Faith will always conquer Fear.

I could go on and on, and I’m sure that some of these made you think of a few more. Write them down. Make yourself a list of how to stop them and start working on one a week to change, redirect or cut out of your life completely. Would you want your children to do these behaviors? If the answer is no, then you should probably stop them as well. As for the self hating, if you would not talk to your best friend or mother, the way you talk to yourself then… there is your answer. You should stop. Treat yourself as your own best friend. You are so so worthy of Love FROM YOU!

By Loving you, you give others permission to love you as well. If you are self hating, or putting yourself down to others, they may just start to believe you. Even if you’re doing it to fish for a compliment, you have still planted that seed about you in the person’s mind, and in your own as well. If someone said the things you were saying to yourself would it hurt your feelings? I know it would. So stop it. Be kind on the inside as well. Stop planting weeds and briars in your head and start planting beautiful flowers and fruit that produce amazing things!

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